Topics and Sources

This wiki site will be for everyone to add topics and possible sources and ideas throughout the semester (or at least prior to spring break). After each visit to an archive or historical society, please add a few ideas of the sorts of topics you might address and what records you would use to address those topics.

Local History Topic List

[Marlboro College Archive Ideas]
[Brattleboro Historical Society Ideas]
[Final Paper Topics and Ideas]

Possible topics:

Political affiliations of Vermonters?
Health care, gun laws, same-sex marriage
Church history?
Church attendance – number or affiliation of churches – general church attendance?

History of the Latchis – use, family, building itself?

African American position in Brattleboro under Jim Crow?
(Stranger in the Kingdom) – Records?

Origins of the Vermont state itself.
Were there particular groups who wanted to side with NH or NY? What sorts of people wanted those groupings and what were their reasons? (Violence, how it was used, and how did things get that far)

Maple Syrup industry – look of the land – integration into rural life – forest succession – Tourism?

Windham county and Brattleboro courthouse?
Land disputes (changed hands, debts, bankruptcy – great depression, veterans cases for not being paid), civil disputes, criminality? Use of formal law? References? What roll does the rule of law pay?

Business records – individual businesses?

Place names – stories of foundations?
(Story of Harrisville?)

Labor strikes – labor history – children and labor?

Graveyards – changes in names, influxes in immigration, stories?
(Sutherland Vermont – set of condos on top of a graveyard?)

Disease and local health – arrival of new health methods.

Economic changes – “flatlanders†and immigration – CT river shipping lanes.

Disasters – major fires or floods – 1938 hurricane,


Native America History – archeology, cave drawings, native/settler relations?
Protectionism – summer village sites.

Local Vermont Architecture