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Shared activity Info for Japan

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1.1. Where to see Kabuki in Tokyo and Kyoto

A neat art gallery that we could check out in Tokyo along with the Photography gang:
/>x Elizabeth

'Yume no Kasabuta' a play at the New National Theatre in Tokyo, running June 3-20:
This is a modern play, looks really interesting...Also! Relatively Cheap (always a good thing for our group)

"Now, in a project sure to attract much attention, the entire series will be staged in consecutive productions, over a period of three months starting in spring 2010.
The "music play" form, featuring live musicians, has become a trademark of Inoue's recent work. In fact, Yume no Sakeme was the first such play. This is a series that has spawned many memorable songs by Uno SeiichirÃ…Â and Inoue Hisashi, while posing tough questions that all Japanese must inevitably consider. For the upcoming productions, some first-time performers will be joined by great well-known actors including Tsuji Kazunaga, Kiba Katsumi and Doi Yuko. The Tokyo trials will be presented in a way that is entertaining and humorous, with the power also to elicit sadness and anger."

Definitely something worth considering.
x Elizabeth

just something to see- there's a contemporary art show that might be intersting.

another museum:


ladies bar in tokyo:


Some Takarazuka in Tokyo - the cheapest seats are $37.


also a helpful currency converter:


So this is about Hen Tai, a form of animated pornography in Japan. Great (possibly Butoh inspired) mask making artist. So good. anna

Contemporary Dance at the New National Theater in Tokyo May 29 and 30
A Dance Film Festival in Tokyo (that we will unfortunately miss):
Natsu Nakajima
Butoh Workshop (regular classes in Tokyo)
Natsu Nakajima is one of the dancers who laid the foundations of butoh activity under the guidance of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in the early 1960´s. She established the Mutekisha Dance Company in 1969 and toured intensively all over the world. Her performance "Garden" was highly acclaimed and built up her reputation as dancer and choreographer. She is still active in Japan and abroad.
Open regular classes
Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7:00 PM
Tuition: 2,000 yen per class
Venue: 5 min. walk from Yotsuya San-chome Station (Subway Marunouchi Line)
Tel/Fax: 042 391 4087 (81 42 391 4087)
Gion Corner... A Theater in Kyoto where we could go to see "Bunraku" as well as other theatre forms. The website looks interesting, all the information needed is available here:
Also, there is the "National Bunraku Theater" in Osaka... is it possible that we could get there?
They have lots of shows, decently priced, and I think it would be a great place to view professional bunraku.

Ok, I have no idea if this is the right way to add info! But there is a dance company in Kyoto that looks good:

Where to see Kabuki in and

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4-12-15 Ginza,
Tokyo (Higashi-Ginza station)
Tickets: ¥2,520 - ¥16,800
Info: Tel. 03 3541 3131,
KonaLink5">Box Office: Tel. 03 5565 6000

Full performances last up to 5 hours.
English language programmes and earphone guides available for an extra charge.
4th floor tickets for one act (approx. 1 hour) do not require advance booking though the earphone guide is not available.

Kokuritsu Gekijo Dai-gekijo (i.e. 'National Theatre Large Hall')
4-1 Hayabusa-cho,
Tokyo (Hanzomon station)
Tickets ¥1,500 - ¥9,500 (no credit cards)
Tel. 03 3230 3000

Kabuki performances for about eight months a year.
English language programmes and earphone guides available.

Minami-za, Kyoto
Shijo Ohashi higashi zume
605-0075 (Keihan Shijo station)
Tel. 075 561 1155

Minamiza theater in Kyoto.

Kaomise (i.e. all-star) performances in November & December.


Shinbashi Embujo
6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Higashi-Ginza station)
Tickets ¥2,100 - ¥15,750
Tel. 03 3541 2600

Usually April-May. English explanations available. ___
/>(this site has great current-month listings of events -- we should check back right at the start of May)

Kyoto Spring Maiko & Geiko Dances


April is also when Kyoto's geiko quarters stage their special, breathtakingly beautiful song and dance performances. The dances, with their richly decorated costumes and spectacular stage sets, are perfect, living examples of Kyoto-style grace and elegance. Some performance tickets include a bowl of ceremonial tea, which is usually prepared and served before the performance by maiko and geiko.

Kamogawa Odori (May 1-24)
12:30, 14:20, 16:10; tickets: 4,500 yen (with tea), 4,000 yen, 2,000 yen; Pontocho Kaburenjo Theater, Access: Kyoto City Bus #205, Kawaramachi Sanjo; Tel: 075-221-2025;

essay on hip hop culture and japan

Gay bars?

Hi, this isn't performance but it might be a fun way to spend some time on one of the days we are saving money by skipping a show . Ok, I confess, flea markets are one of my passions...