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 People of the Sierra Julian Pitt-Rivers


Grazalema  honradez and verguenzaYes (1)
 Esquisse d'une théorie de la pratique, précédé de trois études d'ethnologie kabyle Pierre Bourdieu North-Eastern Alegeria N/ANo (4
"Anthropology of the Mediterranean Area" ARA 11 David D. Gilmore Multiple N/A N/AYes (1)
"Recherches sur les echanges rituels en Afrique du Nord" L'Annee Sociologique new series 2

 Rene Maunier N/A (presumably somewhere in Africa, no info beyond that.N/A N/A Yes (2)
  Honor and Shame: The Values of Mediterranean Society JEAN G. PERISTIANY Naousa, Imathia, Greece N/A Unclear (3)
 Mediterranean Europe DONALD S. PITKIN.  Eastern Spain N/A Yes (1)
 "The Mediterranean as a Category of Regional Comparison: A Critical Review" João de Pina-Cabral Multiple N/AN/A Yes (1)
  "Conceptualizing the Circum-Mediterranean for Purposes of Social Scientific Research" PJ Magnarella Multiple N/A N/A Yes (1)
 "Some Problems for Mediterranean Anthropology" Roger Just N/AN/AN/AUnclear (3)
 Honor and Grace in Anthropology Peristiany and Pitt-Rivers Multiple N/AN/A Unclear (3)
 Onore e Storia Nelle Societa Mediterranee  Giovanna Fiume N/A N/A N/AYes (2)
 L'honneur :Image de Soi ou Don de Soi, Un Ideal Equivoque Marie Gautheron  Unclear N/A N/A No (5)
 Honor F.H. Stewart Unclear N/A N/A No (5)
 Honour, Family, and Patronage  John Kennedy Stewart Greece, North of Corinth goetro (Social prestige) time (Honor, specifically a kind of honor "conferred by the community in acknowledgement of the excellence of an individual or family)Andismos (manliness), barbatos (well endowed with testicles) ntrope (sexual shame) egoismos (self-regard, or "obsessive concern with others' evaluation of oneself)Yes (1)
 The Vlachs: The History of a Balkan People T.J. Winnifrith Multiple N/A N/A Yes (1)
 The Moral Basis of a Backward Society Edward C. Banfield Calabria, Italy N/A Yes (2)
  Veiled Sentiments: Honor and Poetry in Bedowin Society Lila Abu-Lughod NW Egypt Asl (ancestry or nobility) sharaf (honor, or "a cluster of values that a morally excellent man is likely to have inherited: generosity, honesty, sincerity [etc.]" hurr (being free) hasham ("not principally [...] shame, but rather [...] modesty or shyness") tahashsham (display shame in front of) Yes (1)
Kinship, Honour, and Solidarity: Cousin Marriage in the Middle East   Ladislav Holy  N/A N/A N/A Yes (1)