Drawing on Novack’s use of personal story as a way into analysis and Goldberg’s creative non-linear approach to scholarly writing, write a reading response that draws on your own lived experience as a point of entry for discussing some ideas from the

Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Think about your personal experience with ballet (ideas you heard about ballet as a child and how they related or did not relate to your sense of self, images you've seen of ballet, classes you've taken in ballet, performances you've attended or participated in, etc.).  Whether or not you've ever studied ballet, you have lived in some way in relation to the idea of ballet because ballet is a widely known cultural symbol in the West.

2. Identify key ideas in the reading that prompt further thought for you.

3. Connect your personal story to one or more ideas from the reading that you wish to discuss.

4. Play with a creative way to use language and space to communicate your thoughts from step 3.  Try something other than standard essay format.  Take a risk to experiment with something you haven't tried before. 

Give yourself time to write.  As I mentioned in class this assignment is worth a little more than some of the other homework assignments we've had recently because I expect you to spend more time on it.  I want you to think as much about HOW you communicate your ideas as you do about the ideas themselves.  Hopefully thinking about how you write will inform what you have to say, and vice verse.

Have fun with it!

Length: 2-3 pages
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