January 24 - Local History's History
Readings: Pursuit of Local History [Hereafter PLH] Part 2, 59-82.
Kammen, On Doing Local History [Hereafter ODLH] chap. 1, 11-46.

January 27 - Local, Regional, National History
Readings: ODLH, chap. 2 and 3, 47-90.
PLH, part 3, 83-116.

January 31 - Researching Locally
Readings: ODLH, chap. 4, 91-120.
PLH, part 4, 117-188.

February 3 - Marlboro College Archive; Visitor: Tim Little
Reading: T. Ragle, Marlboro College: a Memoir, Intro, chap. 1 and 2
On Reserve

February 7 - Early Vermont History (Sources and Methods)
Reading: PLH part 1, 11-58 (Skim only).
Coolridge, French Occupation of the Champlain Valley, pg. 7-46 and 128-167. Think particularly about his sources...
Willy presenting

February 10 - Brattleboro Historical Society - Class Visit
Also think about what sort of project one could write just looking at the catalog material for the society.

February 14 - Writing and Presenting Local History
Readings: PLH part 5, 189-234.
ODLH chap. 6, 143-160.
Listening - VPR Edition - Local History Museums
Jacquelyn Presenting

February 17 - Vermont Music History; Visitor Tony Barrand
Readings: Songs from the Hills of Vermont, browse.
On Zotero: Peggy Seeger, "How the Radio Ballads Were Made."
Edith Sturgis, Songs from the Hills of Vermont
Margaret MacArthur, "Search for More Songs from the Hills of Vermont."

February 21 - Historical Writing - scope and topics
Readings: Merrill, Vermont Under Four Flags, pg. V-40 (read both preface and forward) and then pick one other section.
Hannibal Presenting

February 24 - Marlboro Historical Society; Visitor Forrest Holzapfel
Readings: Holzapfel, A Deep Look at a Small Town, Selections.

February 28 - Public History and Final Papers Discussion
Readings: Select two volumes of the journal, Vermont History, one from the last ten years and one from earlier in the century. Read one article from each volume and be prepared to present on and discuss the authors' approach, ideas, materials, objective, etc.

ch 3 -

March 7 - Nineteenth Century Vermont
Reading: Two Vermonts : geography and identity, 1865-1910 / by Searls, Paul M .

March 10 - Open day to search for sources for the final paper.

March 14-27 - SPRING BREAK

March 28 - Ecology and Agriculture in New England - Part 1
Reading: Cronon, Changes in the Land, 3-53, plus one other section; RESERVE (Or in my office)

March 30 - Visit to the Brooks Library - leaving at 2:00 from the visitor lot.
We will also be hearing a lecture on local history at the library that evening.

April 4 - Ecology and Agriculture in New England - Part 2
Jan Albers, Hands on the Land: History of the Vermont Landscape, Read the Introduction and then choose one chapter between 2 and 5 (they move chronologically from the first settlers to the late 20th century). RESERVE

April 7 -
Ecology and Agriculture in New England - Part 3
Blake Harrison, The View From Vermont, Introduction and chapter 1 [pg. 1-49]; and choose either chapter 2, 3, or 5.

April 11 - Public Presentations Discussion
Visitor: Ain Gordon

April 14 -
Research Day for Travel

April 18 -
Pre-Settlement Vermont - Part 1
Reading: Haviland and Power, The Original Vermonters,
Read either A) 1-84; or B) 85-154.

April 21 -
Pre-Settlement Vermont - Part 2

April 25 - Ethnicity in Vermont History

April 28 - In Class Presentations (videos if possible)

May 2 -

ethnicity, one more ag (but modern) work day, field trip to Amherst.

Readings of reasonably general history
Native American/Archeology
Public lecture on local history?
Bennington museum or site?
Longer trip (Ticonderoga, Vermont History Museum/Society)

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