Prepare a very brief presentation (5 minutes) for your classmates about one of the resources listed below.

List of Resources to choose from:
World Shakespeare Bibliography (Library) - Jillian O'Connell
Oxford Music Online (Library) & New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (Library print) - James Munoz
Global Road Warrior (Library) - Alex Tolstoi
ebrary (Library) - Amber
Dance in Video (Library) - Toni Gross
Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) (Library) - Natalie Naamad
Art Index (Library print) - Allie Ciampoli
Biography in Context (Library online) & Contemporary Authors (Library print)
Naxos Music Library (Library) - Will Mickell
Tin Eye (free online) - Hannah Cummins
Grove Dictionary of Art (Library print) - Chester Harper
Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers (free online) - Scott Weaver
Google News Archive (free online) - Avi Azoulay
UNESCO Archives Portal (free online) - Jonathan Fryer
In the First Person (free online) - Geordie Morse
ScholarWorks@UMass or other Dissertation search engine (free online) - Max Cligott-Perlt

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