Choose a resource from the list below and prepare a 10 minute presentation about the resource for your classmates.

Required information to include in your presentation:
What can you find in the resource?
What are the different ways to search/use the resource?
Who is responsible for the creation of the resource?
How, if at all, is the resource connected to the rest of Marlboro's library resources?

Additional information to consider including if applicable:
What cannot be found in the resource that you expected to find?
Dates of coverage
Search limitations
Searching tips/strategies
How well does Zotero work with the resource?
What sorts of training/help pages are available?

You may choose from the following list:
Academic OneFile (Library) - Natalie Naamad
ProjectMUSE (Library) - Jillian O'Connell
Marlboro College Library Catalog (Library) (free online) - Chester Harper
Google Books (free online) - Avi Azoulay (Library) - Allie Ciampoli
ARTstor (Library) - Hannah Cummins
Wikipedia (free online) - Jonathan Fryer
Academic Search Premier (Library) - Will Mikell
Humanities International Complete (Library) - Toni Gross
LexisNexis (Library) - Maggie Wood
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (print in the Reference Room) - Max Cligott-Perlt
New York Times Index (print & online) - Alex Tolstoi
American Memory Project (free online, Library of Congress) - James Munoz
Oxford Reference Online (Library) - Geordie Morse

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