After reading Iris Marion Young's "Throwing Like a Girl," observe the “comportment, motility, and spatiality” of men and  women on campus or in town for a minimum of one hour.


Thirty years after the publication of Young’s article and in a local culture
that supports a range of masculinities and femininities, do you see any remnants of the kind of  gender differences that Young described?  Write about your observations.  (2 pages)


Study your own comportment, motility and spatiality.  How are your physical habits similar to or different from people of other gender?  Make a sequence of four simple daily actions (e.g. sitting down in a chair, taking a sip of coffee, etc.).  First perform them as YOU normally would.  Then find a more feminine way to perform the movements and a more masculine way.  Use this process to research your own internalized ideas of feminine and masculine.  Be prepared to demonstrate all three versions in class. 

Due: Feb. 26 in class


While there is no written assignment due regarding the Polhemus reading, you should take note of the central ideas in the reading and come prepared to discuss.
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