General Physics II, Spring '11

Homework 6

1. Do at least one of 6.6, 6.7, and 6.8. That is, develop a "program" (in Excel or elsewhere) to compute the trajectory of a planet in the gravitational force field of the sun. It is minimally acceptable to just get this working with the Euler method, though hopefully most people will also be able to get it working with the midpoint method, and maybe the R-K method. Let me put it this way: you should do Project 6.6. Then, if you've spent less than (say) an hour or two on that one, you should spend up to another hour or so trying to get one of the better algorithms to work. But don't spend so much time on this one that you can't reap the rewards of your efforts by doing the other Projects...

2. Explore the accuracy of your best-working "program" by doing the stuff indicated in Project 6.9.

3. Now finally -- using some stepsize that you consider as giving acceptable accuracy for your algorithm -- do Project 6.10.

Fun and easy extra credit: Project 6.16

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