General Physics II, Spring '11

Homework 1

1. Pick one of the "questions for thought and discussion" from the end of Chapter 1 -- something we didn't talk about explicitly in class -- and answer it.

2. A rotating object (say, a record on a record player) starts at rest at t=0, but starts to turn with constant angular acceleration of 3.14159 rad/sec2. At what time does its angular velocity reach 45 rpm's? (Note that an rpm is a revolution per minute, and that one revolution = 2 pi radians.) Through what angle did it turn in that time?

2. Project 1.2 -- determining the distance to the moon from some "data" about the moon's angular position along the ecliptic over time. (Use the data from the "moon" columns in the "Chapter 1 Project Data" excel file linked to from the main course page under week 1.)

3. Project 1.5 -- making graphs of angle, angular velocity, and angular acceleration for one of the planets. (You will be assigned a particular planet in class. Data is in the same file.)

4. Project 1.8 -- finding the parameters in the Ptolemaic epicycle model that reproduce the observable motion of a given planet. (Do this for the same planet you were assigned in class. You know where the data is.)
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