For your second paper, I would like you to take up an issue that you feel is revealed in the fiction of the text.  I would like you to find a non-fiction work that deals with that same issue in a journalistic, political, or educational manner.  Please provide a 5 page response that compares the strengths of the different genres with respect to representing social issues, creating awareness of problems, sympathy with sufferers, and ultimately, the generation of advocacy or activity for change.  Ultimately, your paper should at least delve into the reasons for the validity of this comparison:  what is it about fiction that it is employed instead of fact?

Again, the paper is worth 20% of your grade.  This percentage is broken down as follows:

12% final paper
4% work with peer partner
4% complete rough drafts submitted on time

Your work with you peer partner involves producing a 1 1/2 page letter critiquing their initial first draft.  Please give both me and your partner copies of this letter.
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