Your first paper is to be a 5 page personal narrative-- a story taken from your life with a clearly stated moral about what your experience means or why you're telling it.  This moral should concern one of three possabilities:

1:  Your own concerns or critiques about the American economy.

2:  Your identification with a specific economic sub-group and the associated problems, issues, or prejudices that you've faced as a result of belonging to that group.

3.  Your understanding of larger social problems or issues as shaped through a work of fiction.

Your paper will be graded on the clarity of its ideas and your ability to engage the reader.  Thus, you want to write with intelligence and elloquence.  I am interested as much in your style  as your content.

This project represents 20% of your overall grade and can be broken down as follows:

12% final copy
4% work done with peer review partner
4% full drafts completed on time

As part of this project, you are to write a 1 1/2 page letter to your partner in response to the first draft of their paper.  You are to give a copy of this letter to them and a copy to me.
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