Date In-Class Focus Readings
TBA Introductory Class
Mon 1/24 In the beginning was God Spinoza, Ethics I
Wed. 1/26 A Brief Synopsis: Spinoza's Life Curley, through page 6
One-Pager Due
Mon 1/31 How to read Curley, 6-48
Wed 2/2 The Method Curley, 48-64
One-Pager Due
Mon 2/7 Revisiting God Spinoza, Ethics I,
Deleuze Ch. 4, "common notions" & "method."
Wed 2/9 The Mind is a Powerful Thing Spinoza, Ethics II
One-Pager Due
Mon 2/14

Inadequate Knowledge

Shirley, through Chap. 2
Wed 2/16 The proofs in scripture Shirley, Ch. 3-7
One-Pager Due
Mon 2/21 True Religion Shirley, Ch. 8-12
Wed 2/23 Free commonwealth Finish Shirley

Mon 2/28 General Discussion
Five-Page Essay Due
Curley, 82-84: The Worm in the Blood
Wed 3/2 Neurological concerns Damasio, Ch. 1 & 3
Mon 3/7

Feeling good, feeling scared

Damasio, Ch. 4
Wed 3/9 Where does the mind come from? Damasio, Ch. 5
Mon 3/14-23 Spring Break
Mon 3/28 On the Emotions Spinoza, Ethics III
Wed 3/30 Human Bondage Spinoza, Ethics IV
One-Pager Due
Mon 4/4 Human Freedom Spinoza, Ethics V
Wed 4/6
Review Ethics
One-Pager Due
Mon 4/11 Nieztsche & Spinoza Deleuze, through Ch. 3
Wed 4/13 Why we need Spinoza Deleuze, Ch. 5-6
One-Pager Due
Mon 4/18 Marrano thinking Damasio, Ch. 6
Wed 4/20 The force of things
Bennett handout (see pdf on courses page)
Mon 4/25 Spinoza and the Law

Lefebvre handout (see pdf on courses page)
Wed 4/27 The Moth on Fire Dillard, first part
Five-Page Essay Due
Mon 5/2 The face and God
Dillard, last part

Wed 5/4

General Discussion
Reflective Piece Due by Monday 5/9


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