General Physics I, Fall '10

Homework 12 (Covers Chapters 9 and 10)

1. Chapter 9, Problem 9 ("Freight Car")

2. Chapter 9, Problem 22 ("Spring at MIT")

3. Chapter 10, Problem 4 ("Roller Coaster")

4. Chapter 10, Problem 26 ("Tarzan")

Those 4 problems will be due Friday. We'll take up the following two problems by way of review next week. We'll talk about "A" on Monday, so take a look at it over the weekend. (I won't ask you to hand it in, but do work on it.) I'll have each of you present your questions/answers for "B" on Wednesday, and you will hand them in, too, so write them up nicely and be prepared to present to the class. (I will actually use your questions as the basis for some actual final exam questions -- if they are good -- so you have some incentive to take this seriously!)

A. Chapter 10, Problem 35 ("Ice Mound")

B. Think about everything we've covered this semester; pick a subject that you feel relatively unsure about, review it, and then write a question pertaining to it that you think would make a good final exam question. (Thus, it should be interesting but relatively simple, and should cover something really important, not some obscure side issue.) Then solve your own problem.
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