Chemistry in the kitchen

Fall 2010

Homework 8 - due Tuesday, 12/7, in class

Concentrations – show your calculations

1. How would you make an 18% solution of maple sugar in water?

2. Starting with a bottle of vinegar and tap water, how would you make an aqueous solution that is 80% vinegar?

3. Vinegar contains about 6% acetic acid. How could you mix vinegar and water to make a solution that is 1.8% acetic acid?

4. What would the percentage of acetic acid be if you used the same vinegar to make a solution that was 20% vinegar?

Molecular structure; enzymes

5. Draw the structure of capsaicin. If you were having a meal containing lots of chile-derived capsaicin, and the burning sensation of the chiles was REALLY bothering you, which would you rather have drink: water, or whole milk? Please explain your answer.

6. Please speculate about why a molecule from plants like chiles can produce such a strong reaction in our bodies. Thinking about our discussion of taste and smell, how do you think the molecule produce this reaction?

7. Why do you think meat tenderizers contain proteases like papain?

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