As always, use any portion of these prompts as a point of departure for your writing:

What and how do you sense when dancing CI?  Where in your body do you experience sensation?  What different kinds of sensations are there?  What information is coming in?  What do you pay attention to?  How do you feel about the sensations you experience?  How often do you notice, respond to, or enjoy physical sensation in your daily interactions with the world?  What is the value in cultivating your ability to pay attention to sensation (in dancing? in life?)

How is sexuality similar to and different from sensuality?  How do the boundaries we set around sexuality in our class intersect with sensuality? 

What are all the things that we can be aware of when dancing CI?  Has your ability to cultivate particular kinds of awareness changed?  Does the awareness you cultivate in CI influence any other parts of your life? 

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