Chemistry in the kitchen       Fall 2010

Homework 7 – Due Tuesday, 11/7/10

Questions from chapters 6 & 7 – vegetables & fruits

1. Take a look at a representation of the electromagnetic spectrum, for example the illustration at: . What is the wavelength of the photons reflected by a lemon? By an apple?

2. What is the wavelength of an infrared (IR) photon that is just beyond the visible range?

3. FM radio (whatever that is) waves are much longer than IR waves – what is approximate wavelength of FM radio waves, in centimeters?

4. Which fruit is a better source of an antioxidant more commonly associated with tomatoes?

5. What plant hormone is largely responsible for ripening in fruit? Draw a Lewis dot structure for this molecule. What shape does it have around each carbon atom?


6. Earlier in the semester we explored the ability of lemon juice to retard the oxidation and thus brown appearance of cut fruit. Why might limes be even better suited for this purpose?

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