For Monday:  Finish Turn of the Screw
Write-up:  Give me a page to a page and a half.  Here's what I want you to do.  Tell me what you think happened in the story.  Give a brief synopsis: simply do you think it's a ghost story or not.  Great.  Now, for whatever your position is, give me five details in the story that make your reading complicated and for each, a sentence or two as to why it complicates your assumptions.  This needn't look like a traditional essay.  I don't need an introductory paragraph.

Wednesday:  Go here:
and search for an article on Turn of the Screw (please don't pick the first one, this will work better as a class if we all have different articles).  Read it.  Now extend your reaction from monday by a page to a page and a half by discussing the way that the new article answers (or further complicates) your assumptions.  Bring your second draft of your essay to class.

Friday:  I will be having conferences on Friday and Monday.

Next Monday:  NO CLASS.  Conferences.
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