Write a one-page proposal for the project that you will carry out over the second half of the semester.  In proposing a project, think about what has sparked your interest this semester, what the next areas of growth are for you as a choreographer, and what you dream of creating.  The themes of the class this semester have been deep physicality and communication through movement, so consider these as they are relevant to your goals and interests right now. 

In coming up with a project, identify one goal for yourself and one goal for the work.  The goal for yourself should be something you want to learn how to do (or do better) as a choreographer, a skill of the craft of choreography.  The goal for the work should be something about what the work will do; for example, I aim to create a dance that will cause the audience to question their relationship to spectatorship OR I am to create a dance that has imagery open-ended enough to allow the audience to create their own layers of meaning, but not so vague as to be confounding or to lead the audience entirely away from the content I am exploring OR I am to create a dance that will comment on a piece of music in ways that develop over the course of the piece. 

You may consult with your instructor at any time in creating your project proposal.  It is perfectly acceptable to ask for assistance in shaping your interests into an assignment.

Writing your project proposal is a way to set some limits for yourself and give yourself a container in which to create. Much of the focus should be on what you want to explore, why and how.  You may also include some thoughts about what shape the work may take, but do not try to predetermine all aspects of your product.

In considering your project, keep in mind that you will need to show your work-in-progress every week from here on out.  Although you have six weeks total, because of the Thanksgiving break, the time will move quickly. 

Oct. 29 -- raw material -- with special guest Adele Meyers
Nov. 5 -- partial draft 
Nov. 12 -- Full draft
Nov. 19 -- Edited full draft with costume
Nov. 26 -- Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 29-Dec. 2  -- Tech week
Dec. 3 and 4 -- Public presentation of Projects

Your proposal MUST FILL an entire page.  This reflects the amount of thinking you should do to propose your project.
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