For this assignment, I want you to describe a common theme in ghost/haunting literature using at least three examples drawn from fiction.  At least two of the works should be from the class reading.  I would like you to make some analysis of the operation of this theme in these works that accounts for it and explains it.  If the theme is in transition (it changes between stories) account for this change.  If it remains the same, explain the consistency.  I expect that you will look to the theoretical writers to explain these patterns.
These are the minimum requirements for the papers content.  Obviously, your grade will depend on how engaged you are with the material and with your writing.
Your first draft of this paper will be due the 20th of this month (that Wednesday) during class.  Bring two copies of your paper to class. 
Length:  5 double spaced pages at the very minimum for all drafts.
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