So, for Monday, I expect that you will have written a 300 word or so (about a page and a half double spaced) letter to your partner reviewing their draft.  You want to avoid saying good or bad, but you probably want to read it as a reader would who does not know them.  Where are the places that are likely to dazzle, and where will there be contention?  How is the language?  Is it up to the task?  What emotions are stirred within you as you read it?  Was that the author's intention?  Was your interest piqued?  By what?  And if not, what seemed obvious?

FOR ME THE TEACHER:  At this point, I don't really care how you get that letter to the person so long as A-they get it, and B-I get it.  The forum for the second draft should make those two things happen simultaneously, but if not, you may email them and email me, walk the letter over to them and leave a copy in my box, or any combination of this.  Just so long as I get it and they get it.

Bring me a copy of your essay as it now stands and come to my office at your conference time.  Do not come to class; we're having conferences instead.

Bring me a physical copy of your final draft.

Bring me a 400 word response to one of the readings we have for Wednesday.  You may instead post your response to the forum if you'd like to save paper.
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