Chemistry in the kitchen Fall 2010

Due Friday, 9/24/10, in class

Chapter 1 questions

1. Why was the ability to maintain a dairy animal such an important skill for early humans to have? That is, why not just raise an animal until it was big enough to eat? Why go to the trouble of keeping it safe, finding it places to graze, and collecting its milk?

2. What is the cause of lactose intolerance in adult humans?

3. What is the most abundant protein in milk, by mass?

4. What is the name of the class of proteins that we commonly call curds, and how do they help make yogurt yummy? How are these proteins normally organized in milk?

5. What was the impetus for the creation of margarine, and how is the process of hydrogenation related to vegetable oil and margarine?

Extra credit

6. Why is the milk culture that produces yogurt referred to as a “symbiosis”?

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