Step One:  Pair up with someone in class and meet for 2 hours in the studio BEFORE Wednesday.  Your task is to rework the phrase material that you created for last week, revising it to clarify the weight quality.  Show your phrases to each other and get feedback on where the weight qualities are clear and where they are not.  Work on adapting the movement to embody the weight quality and coach each other when you get stuck.  Ask for help when you need it.  Show your phrases to each other multiple times as you work on them during this session. 

Please connect this weekend to find a partner!

In the Laban system (as interpreted/developed by Vicki Blaine)
Strength drives the pelvis through space HORIZONTALLY.
Lightness refines the weight in an UPWARD direction.
Resiliency rebounds from the ground to play with the CYCLE BETWEEN UP AND DOWN.

In your phrase, include (1) gesture (that connects to/resonates in the pelvis), (2) traveling across the space, (3) a jump sequence, (4) movement on the floor. 

Step Two: Get together again with your partner.  This time explore dancing your material with different intentions, spacings, and facings.  You may pick one of your two phrases to focus on.  Below is a list of things to try. Skip around and feel free to add your own ideas.  Show your partner many versions and talk about how they look and feel.

Connect your energy out into the space around you.  Reach for the walls...or beyond.
Emphasize the point of initiation for each movement
Dance your phrase with as little/as much muscle tone as possible
Dance your phrase as if you do this routine every single day (like brushing your teeth and taking a shower)
Dance the phrase as if each movement is just occurring to you in this moment
Dance the phrase as if a puppet master is moving your body and the movement is a surprise to you.
Dance with the feeling of warm golden sunlight pouring down on you.
Dance as if the air is thick like honey
Dance the phrase as if you want to hide your (fill in the blank body part) from the viewer
Dance the phrase focusing on the sensation in your body...can you see out into the space while you do this?  how is it to feel your inside AND look outside?  how is it to feel your inside AND look inside?
Dance the phrase as though you want to show it to someone in the back row of a 2000 seat theater. 
And so on...

Reorient your phrase to play with upstage and downstage
Cross the space entirely using your phrase
Do the phrase far from your viewer.  Do it very close to your viewer.  Do it around your viewer.
Have your viewer sit on the side while you do your phrase facing "front"
Ask the viewer to walk around and try out different viewing angles. 

Step Three: During Step Two start to notice how it FEELS to do your phrase with different intentions and in different spatial relationships to your viewer(s).  Choose one version that gives you a particular feeling -- not necessarily a named feeling -- and then work on amplifying that feeling in your body.  You may exaggerate some aspect(s) of how you are using your body, or space, or time.  You may find that the phrasing, timing, spacing, breath, or shape of the movement changes when you amplify this feeling.  In case your phrase changes so that it is no longer demonstrating the weight quality, please remember both your original "step one" phrase and the "step three" version (so that you can show both).  For some of you, "step three" may lead you to turn your phrase into a short dance.
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