E&M, Fall '10, Homework 2

1. Here is a nice electrostatics java applet: click. Play around with it a bit. Note that when it first starts, it will be showing electric field vectors (direction=direction, brightness=magnitude) and something called "equipotentials". You can unclick "draw equipotentials" if you don't want to see those -- or try to figure out what they are! Under the "show" menu you can select to have it draw E field lines instead of field vectors. Under "setup" you can select various arrangements of charges, and you can also select various options under "mouse" that will allow you to add new charges, move them around, etc. Anyway, just play around with this for a bit to help develop a sense of what the two different representations of electric fields will look like for various arrangements of charges. Pick some arrangement that seemed particularly neat and reproduce a rough sketch of the field vector and field line diagrams, just so you have something concrete to show.

2. Problem 25 ("Non-conducting Rod") from the book

3. Problem 28 ("Length L Rod") from the book

4. Problem 51 ("TV Tube") from the book

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