The main focus of ANY school paper consists of the following statement: 

Demonstrate your command of the concepts presented in this class through a paper which showcases your talent, inventiveness, intelligence, and writing ability by presenting, in essay form, a personal meditation on some feature of the class material.

So...there's that.  At the same time, I've kind of asked you to make it personal.  I'm going to rewrite the above statement this way:

Use the class theoretical material concerning ghosts, haunting, spirits, culture, psychology, etc., to describe some experience that is important to you personally.  You may want to take this opportunity to both deal with the concepts addressed in the class and, more importantly, to explain your own feelings and concerns about some feature related to the class material.  Clearly, you need not write about ghosts, or the supernatural at all, but your essay should be relevant to the spirit of the class's exploration and should be at least five pages in length.
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