Chemistry in the kitchen Fall 2010

Due Friday, 9/17/10, in class

Questions for Appendix reading

1. What kind of “bond” holds water molecules together in a sample of pure water? Draw a picture to illustrate your answer.

2. What kind of phase change explains both “freezer burn” and how wet clothes can dry on a clothesline on a bitter cold (i.e., subzero) winter day?

3. What word describes the process in which chlorine atoms gain electrons from sodium atoms (originally named for experiments involving reactions involving metals and oxygen)?

4. What kind of chemical bond involves the fair and just sounding arrangement of “equal sharing of electrons between atoms”?

5. Briefly describe two different roles played by the molecules that give fruits and vegetables their color.

Extra credit

6. Are phytochemicals good, or not good, for humans to eat – or somewhere in between? Please explain.

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