This week's choreographic assignment focuses on WEIGHT.  Explore the following weight qualities in the studio:

LIGHT -- Refining your weight so that your energy floats upwards.  Send your weight down only as a way to regroup for the next puff/toss/drift upwards.

RESILIENT -- A cycling between up and down in which you fully dig into the depths of the "down" to rebound.  Resilient movement can be elastic like the dribbling of a basketball; it can have buoyancy (hang time) at the top of the arc; or it can be weighted, drawing closer and closer to the earth, like a basketball as it's bounces decrease in size and give in to gravity. 

STRONG -- Driving your weight horizontally through space. Forceful, direct.

Things to keep in mind:

Connect all your movement to your center of mass (for most of us this is in the pelvis) so that you are truly transporting the weight of your body through space. Even a gesture of the hand or leg should connect to the center. 

Each weight quality invites certain patterns of movement -- certain rhythms or shapes, certain kinds of flow.  Notice what patterns emerge.  See how you can create contrast in that particular weight quality. 

After exploring the three qualities above, choose two and for each make a phrase (i.e. a sequence of connected movements that has a beginning, middle, and end). 
In each phrase include: (1) movement that travels through space, (2) jumps, (3) movement on the floor, (4) small/gestural movement (not necessarily in this order). 

If you wish, you may use music in creating this assignment, and you may add other layers of context (costume, props, location, text, etc.).  You may shape one or both of your phrases into short dances or you may present pure movement.

FYI: The weight terminology used in this assignment comes from the work of Rudolf Laban as interpreted by Vicki Blaine. 
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