A collection of video _excerpts_ of dance works by several contemporary choreographers:

Lalala Human Steps, "Human Sex", 1985?

Idan Cohen, "My Sweet Little Fur", date unknown

artist unknown, title unknown, date unknown

Russell Maliphant Company, "AfterLight", date unknown

Keith Hennessy, "Sense", 2006

Writing Assignment:  On strips of blank, white, unlined paper write "statements of meaning" as indicated in the first step of Liz Lerman's critical response process.  Try responding to several of the videos, including one that you like and one that you do not like.  (When giving feedback in class later this semester, you will likely be helping the other artists in class with both compositions that you like and compositions that you do not like.)  Write at least five statements for this assignment. 

YOU should remember which statement goes with which dance, but do not mark it on your paper so that WE will have a chance to guess!
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