Make a dance from one movement.  Using the movement that you created in class, continue to explore variations and contrast (size, speed, timing, levels, quality, facing, body parts, phrasing, facing, distance, location, etc.)  Put the variations together in a sequence that you find compelling kinesthetically and aesthetically. 

THEN ask your dance what it eats, where it lives, who it's friends are.  Look for the content that is emerging from your movement.  Add a layer (or two?) of something that is not movement (text, props, costume, location, music, etcc)  that amplifies what you find in your dance.  RESIST the urge to create a linear narrative. 

Give your dance a clear beginning and a clear ending.

USE the video camera at least once to see what you have made.
Be prepared to perform your dance facing the bleachers (not the mirror). 

1-2 minutes in length is fine.  More is okay too. 

Have fun! 
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