The primary source database will be the core work of this course. Every week, students will be required to submit entries to the database both from the assigned readings for the class as well as from outside reading. The basic requirement will be Two Entries Per Class - one from the assigned reading and one from outside material. After you have access to the course Zotero database there is a folder marked "Primary Source." All of the entries in this folder are either online databases that contain primary source material or books of published sources that are on reserve in the library. These are the first places to look for material for the database. Each item will have a different strength - Jewish life, Crusades, Spain. Try to pick a source which matches our current section of study. It does not need to match the topics of the week (for instance, you can certainly read city laws regulating Jewish life in the week in which we are reading scholastic theology about the Jews, but I would prefer you not read about the crusades.) Lastly, you should also feel free to read the sections of the source books you purchased for the class that are not assigned in the general reading - this counts as an "outside" source.

Note: On days where there is no primary source reading assigned (such as the day we're reading Under Crescent and Cross) you are not responsible for the assigned reading database entry. However, you are still responsible for One entry from an outside source.
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