As this is a discussion course, attendance is mandetory at all meetings. Too many missed classes will negatively impact your grade.

Late Papers:
While I do not have an explicit penalty for late papers, any paper turned in after the due date will receive limited or no comments from me, only the grade. The final paper is due at the end of reading days and no extension is possible. No work will be accepted after Teusday, December 14th at Noon since I will not have time to grade it.

Paper Style and Academic Integrity:
The standard historical citation form in historical research is the Chicago Manual of Style. I am willing to accept other formats if you are more familiar with other forms. However, whichever form of citation you use, I would prefer the use of footnotes with clear references to the work and page numbers for any idea, argument or direct quote which is not your own. The only exception to this will be the citation style for a book review, which I will discuss in class. If you want to use Chicago Manual, Ohio State has a reasonable online summary of many of the basic styles (it begins with Sciences – scroll down for History samples). Also, Zotero makes citations very simple on your own computer and I will go over some of this in class, so, really, you have no excuse. If you have any questions about when to cite and how to cite, feel free to ask me at any time.

Variable Credit:
While I am open to variable credit options, because of the nature of the primary source project, this course will be difficult to take for less than three credits. A standard 3 credit version might be to write a shorter primary source paper and not turn in the final revision and expansion of the "religious interactions" essay. Expanded credits are also possible. Lastly, I need to know before October about any credit reductions - I will not grant them late in the semester.

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