Cooking for engineers - in their own words: "Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!"

Cook's Illustrated - another analytical, empirical approach to cooking
  • America's Test Kitchen is an offshoot of Cook's Illustrated, and contains recipes, equipment comparisons, and section on science and cooking

Epicurious - "for people who love to eat" - is good resource for recipes, menus, and articles on seasonal cooking

A podcast from Scientific American. Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for geeks: Real science, great hacks and good food, talks about his preference for an empirical approach to cooking.

Distillations: podcasts from the Chemical Heritage Foundation are "award-winning science podcast that brings you extracts from the past, present, and future of chemistry."
  • A recent example: "Halfway through July, we are just about in the middle of summer. So we thought it would be appropriate to talk about meat and barbecuing in this week’s episode of Distillations."
A true chemistry in the kitchen website: Your mother was a chemist: science in the kitchen

A "Good Eats" episode on popovers

A NOVA episode on heat (thermal energy!) - watch the episode online, and explore some additional content on temperature and heat.

A Harold McGee article that he wrote for the New York Times: The invisible ingredient in every kitchen (heat).
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