OK, we can't really escape chemistry, but these sites are fun:

"Distillations: Extracts from the past, present and future of chemistry," from the Chemical Heritage Foundation.
  • podcasts from Distillations organized by theme, e.g., "Early chemistry and gases," "Electrochemistry," and "The path to the periodic table."

Video periodic table of the elements - British accents a plus

A NOVA episode on heat (thermal energy!) - watch the episode online, and explore some additional content on temperature and heat.

One of Einstein's predictions faces its most stringent test to date: "7.3 billion years later, Einstein's theory prevails" NYT 10/28/2009

"Green," renewable gasoline? One company says they're making it.

A story on NPR: A Chemist Explains Why Gold Beat Out Lithium, Osmium, Einsteinium ...

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