Date In-class focus Required Readings
& Assignments
Sept. 9 Why we do the things we do

Orwell, Chap. 1
Sept. 16 Writing an Essay; writing a plan
Cioffi, Preface & Chap. 1
Deadlines Due
Writing from: Devin
Sept. 23 Politics and Language
Orwell, "Politics and the English Language" and Cioffi, Chap. 2
Preliminary Bibliographies Due
Writing from Anna & Kelly
Sept. 30
How we keep writing

Cioffi, Chap. 3 & Dillard, Chap. 1
Writing from Sarah & Emily

Oct. 7

What's your thesis
Cioffi, Ch. 4; Orwell, "The Lion and the Unicorn"
Writing from Devin & Kelly
Oct. 21 Saying Something New
Cioffi, Ch. 5; Dillard, Chap. 2
Writing from Anna & Emily
Oct.28 Pacing the argument
Cioffi, Ch. 6 & 7; Dillard, Chap. 3
Writing from Devin
Nov. 4 Structure and Design Cioffi, Ch. 8; Dillard, Chap. 4
Writing from Sarah & Anna
Nov. 11
Telling a story

Orwell, "A Hanging"

Writing from Kelly and Emily
Nov. 18
Using poetry in political prose Dillard, Chap. 5 & 6
Writing from Devin and Sarah
Nov. 22 Structuring an argument
Writing from Anna and Emily
Review Chap. 7 in Cioffi
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Vacation
Dec. 2
Paragraph review
Writing from Kelly
Review Chap. 6 in Cioffi
Dec. 9
No class
Individual conferences with Meg

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