Debating the Good

Thursdays 3:30-5:20

Date Propositions Required Readings
& Assignments
Sept. 9 What rules did Plato follow?
Debate: THB that Plato would support a Gender Studies degree at Marlboro

Weston, I & IX
Princeton Reader (PR): Plato excerpts
Sept. 16 What examples did Aristotle use?
Debate: THB that Aristotle promotes the subordination of women
Weston, II & VIII
PR: Aristotle excerpts
Sept. 23 What analogies did the St. A's use?
Debate: THB that the state, not the people, define justice.
Weston, III
PR: Augustine & Aquinas excerpts

Sept. 30 What are Pizan's objections?
Debate: THB that men are not objective when it comes to women.

Weston, IV
PR: Pizan excerpts;

First Self-evaluation due

Oct. 7

How does Machiavelli use causality?
Debate: THB that Machiavelli supports a republican form of government.
Aff: Paul & Joy; Neg: Sam & Chester
Weston, V
PR: Machiavelli excerpts
Oct. 14 How do Calvin & Luther use deductions?
Debate: THB that Protestant political theorists promote bourgeois sensibilities.
Aff: Alexia & Brett; Negative Lauren & Ethan
Weston, VI
PR: Calvin and Luther excerpts
Oct.21 How might Hobbes have strengthened his position?
Debate: THB that human beings need a single ruler to keep them in line.
Aff: Joy & Chester; Neg: Casey and Aaron
Mini-Debate: THB that formal debate cultivates sophistry.
Affirmative: Sam Negative: Ethan
Weston, VII
PR: Hobbes excerpt
Oct.28 I. THB that John Locke supports free-market capitalism.
Aff: Drew
II. Mini-debate: THB that air pollution should be regulated by the state.
Affirmative: Drew Negative: Ethan
Weston, Appendices
PR: Locke excerpt
Nov. 4 THB that women's contribution to the state should be different than men's.
Aff: Ned and Paul; Neg: Casey and Brett
II. The moral argument

PR: Gouges, Wollstonecraft, and Mill;

2nd Self-evaluation due

Nov. 11 THB that all our efforts (even debate!) are determined by modes of production.
Aff: Dan & Aaron; Neg: Ethan & Chester

PR: Marx excerpt
Nov. 18 THB that all our efforts are determined by disciplinary apparatus.
Aff: Austin & Alexia; Neg: Drew & Dan
II. The holistic read
PR: Foucault excerpt
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Vacation
Dec. 2 THB that all our efforts are determined by psychological urges
Aff: Sarah & Lauren; Neg: Sam K. & Paul
PR: Freud excerpt
Dec. 9 Portfolio Reading Day
Final Reflection Paper Due

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