Project Paper

Write a short paper describing and evaluating the process and product of your major creative project for Choreographing for Groups.

Length: 3-5 pages
Due: May 9

The following questions are provided to spark your thinking.  Please address each of them in some way in your essay. 

What did you set out to do? 
How did your goals change along the way? 
What did you end up doing? 
How effective was the final piece in meeting your goals?

What do you see as the compositional strengths of your piece?  compositional weaknesses?

What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses in leading a group of  dancers this semester?

What did your dance communicate to the audience?  (Both what did you hope the piece would communicate and what did audience members report back to you.) 

If you had another month or two to do a revision/extension of this piece, what steps would you take?

What did you learn about working with groups that you will carry with you into your next rehearsal process?  Consider interpersonal dynamics, creative process, and formal elements of composition.

What new questions/challenges/artistic visions has this project inspired you to explore in the future? 

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