1. Watch this short NOVA video on this form of control of gene expression that is heritable, affects phenotype, but does not alter the sequence of bases in DNA.
  2. Read chapter 12 through page 401.
  3. Be prepared answer the following questions in class on Tuesday:
    1. What is monoallelic expression?
    2. Identify as true or false the following statements:
      1. "epigenetic changes that take place during cell differentiation are normally erased in the germline."
      2. "there are examples in both plants and mammals of epigenetic variants that are transmitted through meiosis."
    3. Describe (very briefly!) the major type of DNA modification that occurs in most animals and plants.
    4. Describe the connection between this epigenetic modification, euchromatin, and heterochromatin.
    5. Indicate what epigenetic change marks genes for silencing.
    6. Identify histone modifications that are also epigenetic signals.
    7. Describe (very briefly) "genomic imprinting."
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