General Physics 2, Spring '10

Homework 8

1. Based on the data from our crude Boyle experiment in class Monday: make a graph to display the data, and show a curve-fit line representing Boyle's Law. Does Boyle's Law give an acceptable fit to the data? What is atmospheric pressure?

2. Based on our data from the crude Charles experiment in class Monday: Make a graph to display the data. Does a straight line fit the data acceptably well? Assuming so, determine the slope and y-intercept (actually V-intercept!) of the best-fit-line, and from that determine the value of T for which (if the linear thermal expansion continued) the volume of the air would go to zero.

3. QTD (not Project) 4: "The cold soda diet"

4. Project 8.5

5. Project 8.13

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