Special Relativity, Spring '10

Homework 8, covers Mermin chapter 10

The chapter this week is really long, so basically your assignment is just to read/study it. But, in order to give you at least some token additional work, and in order to help structure a fruitful discussion in class on Monday, I thought I could assign to each person one of the Figures from the chapter. Your job will then be to give a short summary presentation of what the figure shows and what it helps us visualize/understand/re-derive/whatever, and then be the point person for any questions that other people have about that particular material. Sound good? Good. So then here are the Figure assignments (in random, alphabetical order):
  • Alec: Figure 10.8 (page 114)
  • Anna: Figure 10.10 (page 117)
  • Chad: Figure 10.11 (page 118)
  • Evan: Figures 10.12 and 10.13 (pages 120-122) smile
  • Patrick: Figure 10.15 (page 126)
  • Sam: Figure 10.16 (page 128)
  • Trevor: Figure 10.19 (page 131)

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