Chapter 7 homework – Due Tuesday 4/6/10

Chapter 7 Analytical Questions 1 & 4

Also, answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following would probably yield a mutant phenotype?

a. Pro to His
b. Lys to Arg
c. Ile to Thr
d. Ile to Val
e. Ala to Gly
f. Phe to Leu
g. Try to His
h. Arg to Ser

2. In what way does 5-bromouracil function as a mutagen? What type of mutation would occur from its use?

3. UVr+ bacterial posses the excision-repair system. The ability of UV-irradiated T4 phage to form plaques is the same on both UVr+ and UVr- bacteria. How might you explain this observation?
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