Performance Workshop
Midterm Self-Assessment

As we approach the midpoint of the semester, take some time to reflect on your work in class thus far.  Consider the questions below as you write a reflection of approximately 2 pages double-spaced. 

As you write, keep in mind that for the first part of this course, the choreographers have been creating short movement studies aimed at exploring different types of creative process and honing their understanding of the craft of choreography.  These short studies have also been designed to expose you to a variety of different rehearsal methods and performance focuses.  In the second part of the semester, you will each be working with one choreographer on an extended creative project.  This will give you the chance to learn movement more deeply, be part of a project with a larger artistic vision, and spend time honing your performance skills.

1. To begin your self assessment, put yourself in the shoes of a choreographer.  What would you enjoy about working with yourself as a dancer?  What would you find challenging?  What steps might you as choreographer ask your dancer self to take to improve the process?  What might you as dancer tell the choreographer about yourself that might help the process?

2. Now, write from your own internal experience:  Evaluate your participation in all aspects of class including warm ups, rehearsals, discussions, and homework.  Discuss your effort, your attention, your successes and shortcomings. How has your participation in class changed over the course of the first five weeks? You do not need to comment again on issues that you already addressed above.

3. Set one or more goals for yourself as you dive into the second half of the semester.

Due: Thursday March 4 in class

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