General Physics II, Spring '10

Homework 2 -- Due Friday, Feb. 5, 11:30 AM

Please don't forget that Alec and I are both available for help -- Alec in person after dinner Thursday night, and me by email during the day Thursday, and of course either of us any other time you find us.

1. Project 2.8. Most of this should be done in Excel, but you will need to do a little theoretical work first to figure out, e.g., some of the formulas that you'll need to use in Excel. Incidentally, I find this to be one of the most ingenious and beautiful things in the whole of astronomy.

2. Project 2.9. You don't actually have to do anything here -- just figure out how a certain thing could be done. Still, figuring that out and presenting it in a clear and detailed way, will take some work.

3. Project 2.13. The idea here is just to "read off" (probably using a ruler) from Figure 2.16 the periods and orbital radii for the four moons of Jupiter. Put the numbers in Excel or something, and see if you can find some Kepler's-third-law-ish relationship.

4. Project 2.14. More precisely: pick something from pages 67-69 to work out the mathematical proof of. For example, you could show how Equation (2.4) follows from Equation (2.3). Or vice versa. Or you could show how Equation (2.6) follows from or implies one of the earlier equations defining the ellipse.

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