General Physics II, Spring '10

Homework 1

Due at the beginning of class Friday (but we'll spend class-time discussing it). Alec K (the physics tutor) will be available Thursday evening (and to some extent "by appointment") if you need help. And of course you can ask me for help anytime, too. (I'm not on campus Thursdays, but email usually works pretty well.) Working with others is encouraged, but be careful about the difference between working with others and letting others do your work.

1. A rotating object (say, a record on a record player) starts at rest at t=0, but starts to turn with constant angular acceleration of 3.14159 rad/sec2. At what time does its angular velocity reach 45 rpm's? (Note that an rpm is a revolution per minute, and that one revolution = 2 pi radians.) Through what angle did it turn in that time?

2. Project 1.2 -- determining the distance to the moon from some "data" about the moon's angular position along the ecliptic over time. (Use the data from the "moon" columns in the "Chapter 1 Project Data" excel file linked to from the main course page under week 1.)

3. Project 1.5 -- making graphs of angle, angular velocity, and angular acceleration for one of the planets. (You will be assigned a particular planet in class. Data is in the same file.)

4. Project 1.8 -- finding the parameters in the Ptolemaic epicycle model that reproduce the observable motion of a given planet. (Do this for the same planet you were assigned in class. You know where the data is.)
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