For lab on Thursday, 1/28, please read the following materials: an article on our experiment, and a student lab protocol prepared by the authors of the same article.

We will adapt our procedure from these materials.

Labs 2-4 on gas chromatography:
Also, here's the manual on using the GC, if you really want to delve

In lab on 2/11 we'll perform and evaluate an organic synthesis reaction using the GC. Here's the protocol for the lab.

In lab on 2/18 we'll first discuss last week's lab on the esterification reaction. Next we'll prepare for an analysis of extracts from spearmint and peppermint leaves. Here's an article on describing this project. Please read it for Thursday's lab.

Here's a picture (full-size file here) of the TLC plate from last Thursday, 2/25/10:
TLC spearmint & peppermint oils

For lab on Thursday 3/4/10, please read this brief description of the project on the hydrolysis of an ester.
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