I was reminded that not everyone would know about Naxos - I myself did not know about it until quite recently.  In any event - this is where the listening playlists for the course will be kept.  From the homepage:

1) Go to "Academics"
2) Go to "Library"
3) Go to "Electronic Collections"
4) On this page, the fourth selection down reading "Naxos Music Library" is where you want to go.
5) You will be asked for your username and password.  You know what to do here, I suspect.
6) At the top of this next page, find "Playlists"
7) There will be a list of them, under a folder marked "19th Century Music" or some such thing.  I mislabeled two lists as "Beethoven".  At this point, only listen to the one marked "Beethoven".  The one concerning Beethoven and the Bel Canto people is for another time (quite soon, but not now).  I have relabeled this first playlist as "Maynard Solomon - Beethoven".
8)  The other playlist is "From Where It Comes".
9) You will note that I have to make many more playlists this quarter.  I am on it.

I am sorry for any confusion that I have caused.  As you know, I am new here, and all of this technology is quite new to me.

- Etan
Last modified: Monday, December 19, 2011, 9:18 AM