This course will be reading and participation intensive and the grading will reflect this. In addition to required attendance and participation, students will be required to write at least one reading response each week (a single page will suffice); which of the readings that students wish to respond to will be up to them and they can be prepared based on the assigned reading for either of the two weekly class meetings. All students will have to prepare these assignments for each week until spring break. After spring break, whichever group is presenting does not have to prepare reading responses.

Beyond the reading and responses, the bulk of the work for this class revolves around a single group project, broken into several smaller assignments that will progress throughout the semester. Each group will be made up of three or four students (depending on the size of the course) and will choose a topic for the focus of their work. Examples might include: “The Fall of Rome,” “The Modern Mediterranean,” “Orientalism,” “Faith and the Mediterannean,” or other options (see the bibliographies on the website for some samples).

Once the group has picked a topic, several assignments will follow developing materials for that specific theme. First, prior to spring break, the group will develop a comprehensive annotated bibliography surrounding their particular topic containing a minimum of 18 items, although a good bibliography will probably have more. The bibliography will lay the groundwork for the remainder of the semester. Using the material gathered, the groups will supplement the reading on certain days, plan the assignments and presentations for two classes (one week), and research and write a joint final paper on their topic. The individual assignments – the presentations and book reviews – will be presented during the groups’ topic week and the written version of the presentations will be due one week after the presentations. These written book reviews should cover two or three items from the bibliography and be between 4-6 pages. The final paper, a length historiographic essay written jointly with the other members of the group, will be 20-25 pages and will be due at the end of the semester.

I will discuss the details of all of these assignments in class. We will also discuss in class methods for preparing the bibliographies, presentations and papers. Finally, further information on any of these assignments is available on the website.

Grading Chart:
Assignment: Percentage: Due Date:
Class Attendance and Participation 20%

Weekly Reading Responses 20%

Annotated Bibliography (by group) 20%
March 2
Assignments for Discussion Leading Weeks [included in below] March 12
Book Review and Class Discussion (by group) 10%
Write-up of the Book Review 10%
One Week After Presenting
Final Historiography Paper (by group) 20%
May 12

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