Expectations and Assignments


This is a discussion-based class so it is essential that students come prepared to discuss the week's reading. The reading varies in difficulty so please do not leave it until Sunday night to get started. You may need to read some of the articles more than once. The topics covered in this class are vast and thus it is very important that you do your own additional work - looking online or in the library or asking knowledgeable people to add to the context of the readings - before each class. This takes time. In acknowledgement of this difficulty, your engaged discussion that demonstrates your comprehension of the reading will account for 50% of your class grade.


You will be responsible for one research paper at the conclusion of the class. But this project will be handed in in parts and a substantial part of it will be presented to the class in the final two weeks of the semester. We will discuss this project in the first week of class. This project will account for the other 50% of your grade. 

Outline of Project: A two-page summary of the research you would like to do with a preliminary bibliography of a minimum of three books and six articles - due October 2 - Sample Project Outline (for my project)

Draft analysis of the issue that you are researching: A seven- to ten-page discussion of what you have learned so far about your topic and how it relates to the issues we are discussing in class. This piece of writing should include citations - due October 30

Class presentation: November 27, 29 or December 4

Final Paper: Research paper with citations and bibliography - due December 8

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