Schedule and Reading Assignments

Please make sure you have completed the week's reading by Monday's class.

Thank you!

Case Studies:

Week 4. September 25 & 27. Disaster

Indian Ocean Tsunami, December 2004, Hurricane Katrina, August 2005

Read: On New Orleans - R. Solnit, "What Difference would it make?" from A Paradise Built in Hell, Penguin, 2009, Katrina, Anatomy of a flood, "Then and Now: Interactive map of New Orleans Housing Developments, Times Picayune,  August 20, 2015; On The Indian Ocean - Eric L. Geist,Vasily V. Titov, and Costas E. Synolakis. "Tsunami: wave of change." Scientific American 294.1 (2006): 56-63, Lynn Letukas and John Barnshaw. "A world-system approach to post-catastrophe international relief." Social Forces 87.2 (2008): 1063-1087. Design solution experiences example for India Ocean "Learning from Aceh"

Also of interest Heather Smith, "People are still living in FEMA's toxic Katrina trailers - and they likely have no idea," Grist, August 27, 2015

and watch: Spike Lee, ,

Week 5. October 2 & 4. War

Civil war - Southern Sudan, 2013-present; Syria, 2011-present

Read and view: Download and read Human Rights Watch World Report 2017 on Syria and South Sudan, "Prisoners of Europe: everyday humiliation of refugees stuck in Greece" The Guardian, 6 December 2016, #MyEscape - Die Welt, Review reports from the UNHCR website

Week 6. October 9 & 11. Occupation

Occupation of Palestine, 1967-present, Occupation of North America, on-going

Read: Abby Martin, "The Empire Files: Inside Palestine's Refugee Camps", October 11, 2016, The Real News Network and Romola Sanyal, "Squatting in Camps: Building and Insurgency in Spaces of Refuge," Urban Studies, 48(5) 877-890, April 2011. David Brunetti, "Permanent Temporality: Shatila Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon, 2014,"  Ward Churchill and Glenn T. Morris "Key Indian Laws and Cases," Ward Churchill, "The Earth is Our Mother: Struggles for American Indian Land and Liberation in North America,"

watch:  " " and "Mismanagement, waste, corruption plague Navajo Housing Authority"

Additional Reading on reserve (not required, just suggested): Saree Makdisi, Palestine Inside Out, An Everyday Occupation, Norton, 2010

Week 7 & 8. October 18 & 23. Economy

Global Economic crisis 2008, Megacities, on-going

Read: (from Jim Tober) This Russell Sage Foundation piece is short and has good summary data on the consequences for housing, A longer piece with data on foreclosures by race and ethnicity, and too long  (so just skim) but interesting in its somewhat revisionist history of the crisis. Crash course on the origins of the financial crisis, and The Financial Crisis and the Great Recession

(other non-required reading for background on the economy and history of housing and the state): Manuel B. Aalbers, "The financialization of home and the mortgage market crisis." competition & change 12.2 (2008): 148-166., "Pruitt-Igoe: the troubled high-rise that came to define urban America," The Guardian, Wednesday, 22 April, 2015, Peter Marcuse, "A Critical Approach to solving the housing problem," in Cities for People, Not for Profit pp. 190-201, and Mary Pattillo., "Housing: Commodity versus right." Annual Review of Sociology 39 (2013): 509-531.

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