perspective take home

PERSPECTIVE                                                               Lantin | STUDIO ART I

due Wednesday Dec. 4




To create a realistically rendered space using one, two and three point perspective


Review the pdf – available on courses




-       in your sketchbooks experiment with real and imaginary spaces.  i.e a hallway for one point perspective, and imagined city scape for 2 point perspective and whatever you may dream up for three point perspective.  

-       Generate a minimum of 5 skeches exploring all forms of perspective

-       Work carefully and with a ruler to create accurate lines.  Use your pencil lightly as you map it out, then rework with a firmer line.

-       Choose a composition to use for your top-quality work – use the better paper in the classroom. 

-       IF you choose to use color – consider how color changes on the sides of surfaces – where is your light source?

-       Is it possible to combine 2 different types of perspective in one composition?



  • · finished work on the nicer paper in the studio
  • · ruler, PENCIL or PEN – no charcoal – to keep your work neat


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