Week 10 - take home - color

WEEK 10:  COLOR COMPOSITION                 | Lantin | STUDIO ART I

due Tuesday Nov. 20 



Develop and understanding of color strategies. 


WHERE TO BEGIN? Start by looking back at the compostions used as brainstorms for assignments – or start fresh from previous assignment prompts





Choose a trio of colors that live next to each other on the wheel -  create a composition emphasizing these hues


choose a pair of complementary colors – use these to create a vibrant composition.  You can adjust the value of these colors by adding white or black, but these colors only.  Consider the dynamic of warm and cool colors against each other – which come forward and which recede?  Consider reversing the figure/ground.


Choose three colors (your initial color – follow across the wheel to its complementary and the split will be the colors on either side).




In your sketchbook, experiment with composition and strategy.  You can use your gouches to approximate colors. 

You are encouraged to work non-representationally - increasing the scale of image from your composition assignment to use that division of space may be a good place to start; paper folds on the wall are always good…


Yes, glue is pesky, but keep your work as neat as possible and the presentation as professional as you can



You choose the scale

  • · paint on the nicer paper in the studio, or work with color chips and glue
  • · your collection of paper, or paint chips/color aid from the studio, gouache

you can also make your own paint chps using the gouache or tempera paint from the classroom

  • · metal ruler, exacto knife or scissors
  • · rubber cement/ glue stick
  • · the completed composition mounted on a trimmed piece of presentation board (from the Painting studio – mount on the white side) – FOR REAL THIS TIME!


MEET IN THE MEDIA LAB WEDNESDAY THE 20th  - BRING in 3 objects to scan

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